Like 75% of all college students, chances are that you live off campus in an apartment, house, other rental property or Greek housing places where most fatal college-related fires occur. These fires are very similar to other residential fires that claim lives every day in the U.S. Since January 2000, 94 young adults have died and many more have been injured in on- and off-campus fires.

Knowing the risks today could help keep you and your friends safer tomorrow.

Educate yourself about the fire risks you face and learn how to escape a burning dwelling. Don't become a victim of campus-related fire read the tip sheets and share this information with your friends. You could save a life possibly your own.
As you send your child off to college, you have a lot to think about the quality of his or her education, campus crime and social activities that may involve alcohol. But are you also thinking about fire safety What factors put your college student at a greater risk of being a victim of fire while at school? When you're buying toiletries and laundry supplies to send with your child to campus, be sure to add fire safety equipment to your shopping cart.